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for Early Childhood Education Instructor
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Early Childhood Education Instructors Training Course

Loopkin KPL Programs trains instructors to teach kids that each person has different and unique ideas, rather than one being right and one wrong.

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KPL Intro

Who can become a Early Childhood Education Instructor of Loopkin?

  • Anyone who wish to join play & project-based Design Thinking Education, the pioneering education innovation.
  • Those who expect their child's intellectual, emotional and social development with Loopkin's future-oriented education.
  • Those who pursues professional career with flexible work schedule and place.
  • With Loopkin's Online matching service, each early childhood education instructors are recommended with the nearest class from their available area.
  • Loopkin always srtives to create high-quality job opportunities for women, college students and teachers in early childhood education to get back into the labor market.

Reasons to take Kin Pro Lab Courses

Be the first Design Thinking instructor for kids

With a unique job title only can be found on Loopkin, differentiate you from other teachers.

Get reliable income dource & flexible work environment

Loopkin offers variety of options for you to choose when and where to work.(Your own house, nearby communinity cultural center, etc.)

Build your career as a professional educator

With Loopkin's support, expand your experience and career as a Design Thinking Early Childhood Education Instructor.

Our regular Kin Pro Lab courses include

01 Instructor Capability Training

Get practical tips and skills to run real Loopkin's play-based learning classes.

02 Lectures on Design Thinking & Play Environment

Experience the whole Design Thinking process with our special workshop and activity.

03 On-site field Experience

Interact with kids in actual Loopkin classroom as an instructor, and equip yourself with hands-on experience.

04 Follow Up Support with Networking Days

Get in touch with other instructors and get educational top tips and information.

Kin Pro Lab's 3-Level Curriculum

Understanding Design Thinking and Its Practical Applications

Experience some of the best Loopkin's play & Project-based learning programs as players.

Designing a Lesson Plan to Infuse Design into Play

With networking support, keep your career as Loopkin play instructor ongoing! Hone up your skills a Early Childhood Education Instructor, as you develop your own Design Thinking-based play and playtest it on your own class.

Training Program for Kin Pro Lab Directors

Get qualified as a facilitator of Loopkin's and others Desing Thinking workshops. Expand your career opportunity as Loopkin offers exclusive support and real teaching opportunities.

Hear it from Loopkin's Early Childhood Education Instructor