Design Thinking & Innovation
In The Early Childhood Classroom

Fail Fast, Fail Often! The wisdom of learning from failure is incontrovertible.

Loopkin's Early Childhood Education ProcessLoopkin’s Education is based on Design Thinking Process, spread from Stanford University to global corporations like Google, IDEO and SAP, a problem-solving methodology to develp creative ideas and innovation.

  • 01
    Empathize with friends to get along

    Kids will understand today's play subject and share various experiences and knowledge with their friends.

  • 02
    Define in Storytelling

    Kids will observe the diverse situations from the story, and discuss which problem needs to be solved today.

  • 03

    Kids will gather all the ideas as a team, using funny sticky notes.

  • 04
    Prototype Faster

    Kids will listen to option from diverse friends, and solidify the idea as a team into something we can see and touch.

  • 05

    With using everyday materials, Loopkin provides safe environment for kids to fail and retry. Under fast cycle of feedback and prototype, kids learn how to spur up genuine "creative Solutions".

  • 06
    Retry to find out what works

    Kids will discuss problems they have learned through test with friends, and improve their results as much as they like.

Loopkin Kids Tries The Wallet Project from D.School, Standford University

What you can expect from Loopkin's Education

  • Failure as a fun process to approach to the better solution.
  • Exciting activities to Express Ideas.
  • Teamwork with deverse friends.
  • Listening, an overlooked yet powerful tool for Leadership.
  • Collaboration. as no creative ideas can be made alone.
  • Fun Brainstorming Sessions with sticky notes.
  • Teamwork
  • Teaching
  • Questions
  • Presentation
  • Problem
  • Patience
  • Imagination
  • Expression
  • Essential Components
    of Loopkin's
    Creativity Education

Loopkin's Education, The proven method to boost Kid's Creativity

Loopkin refuses to rely on standardized class materials and lecture-based learning.

We believe the real creativity lies on the courage to face new challenges, and the tenacity to endure long process to find solution.

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  • Make a group of 4 or more kids before you contact us by pressing the 'start' button at the top. Loopkin is oriented toward team-based programs.

Learn Design Thinking with Fun Activities!