Loopkin, Design Thinking process for early childhood innovation

  • 1st stage
    Empathize with friends to get along Empathize with friends to get along
  • 2nd stage
    Define in Storytelling Define in storytelling
  • 3rd stage
    Brainstorm Brainstorm
  • 4th stage
    Prototype Faster Prototype Faster
  • 5th stage
    Test Test
  • 6th stage
    Retry to find out what works Retry to find out what works

디자인씽킹 놀이 프로세스

  • 1단계

    공감을 통해 친해지기

  • 2단계

    스토리텔링과 문제정의

  • 3단계

    브레인 스토밍

  • 4단계

    팀별로 처음 만들기

  • 5단계


  • 6단계

    계속 고쳐보기


How do children learn Design Thinking through play in Loopkin Class?

Design Thinking, Benefits of Play & Project-Based Learning

  • 1 Teamwork & Social Skills

    Kids learn how to cooperate and communicate, dealing with various teamwork activities and team projects.

  • 2 Problem-solving Skills

    Pursuing open-ended learning, Loopkin encourages kids to think independently and find their own unique solution.

  • 3 Emotional Development

    Kids realize empathizing to other’s circumstances and feeling is a key to a well-designed solution.

  • 4 Innovative Mindset

    With special questions designed to push kids to think outside of the box, kids can learn how to train new ideas on regular basis.

  • 5 Academic Resilience

    With fast cycles of trial and error, kids get confident to achieve good outcome despite adversity.

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Loopkin, Play & Project-based learningEncourage kids to fail faster for radical insight.

There was no such education where kids emphasize with the problems and plan to quickly find the solutions.
We help children to think on their own and experience the failure as a fun process of dicovery with Loopkin’s Early Childhood Education.

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 I believe team project missions and team activities are the most distinguishing features of Loopkin Class from other programs. Under safe and encouraging environment, my son could cooperate with friends and plan together for better solution for the project. And I was really impressed when the early childhood education instructor gave him good feedbacks whenever he helped other friends in the class! With Design Thinking being its specialty, I think Loopkin has taught my son great life lessons. 

Eun-Jeong, Oh

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