Intelligent After School Activities

Loopkin’s kids programs are based on a creative process called ‘Design Thinking’which is used by Stanford University, Google, Apple, and more.

Design Thinking?

Design Thinking has become widespread by Stanford University and is being used by global companies as well as at MBA programs to provide creative problem solving solutions.

Design Thinking process is used mostly in global companies for innovation but at Loopkin, we offer Design Thinking through play. Design Thinking is generally known for the 6 stages: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement. But unlike these very academic way of learning Design Thinking Process, Loopkin’s programs allow kids to learn Design Thinking process in a fun and easy way through play.

Become the World’s first Design Thinking-Driven play instructor!

Become the World’s first Design Thinking-Driven play instructor!

Loopkin’s kids instructor program with Design Thinking, (a.k.a Kin Pro Lab), incorporates play with Design Thinking for the first.

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